Hardware acceleration in Firefox on Windows is not working properly. At least not for me. It’s causing all kinds of problems and it’s slowing down the browser very much.


Hardware acceleration turned off in Firefox 11 on Windows

With hardware acceleration turned on, I get:

  • blurry text
  • decrease in performance
  • increase in non-responsiveness
  • lagging user experience for almost any part of the user interface
  • the “memory hog” experience

With hardware acceleration turned off, I get:

  • clear and sharp text
  • faster browsing experience
  • non-lagging user interface
  • a sense of lightness while using Firefox

I have no idea why hardware acceleration is having the opposite effects on my PC. I just thought you should know. I’m keeping it off – in Firefox 11 – on Windows. At least for now.

By the way, a WordPress bug made me explore.